Auto, Boat & Motorcycle Insurance



Auto Insurance


Auto insurance pays for damages, injuries, and other losses specifically covered by your policy. Coverage can vary by policy and company. Read your policy carefully to know exactly what it covers. Pay special attention to the exclusions section, which lists the things your policy doesn’t cover. The front page of your policy is called the declarations page. It contains useful information such as the exact name of your insurance company, your policy number, and the amount of each of your coverages and deductibles.


All states have different requirements relating to auto insurance coverage, but the requirements can vary from state to state on the minimum amount of vehicle insurance coverage that is needed. This usually leads most drivers to wonder just how much coverage they need. And what type of auto insurance they should have.


It is important to know the basics when buying an auto insurance policy. An important part of car insurance is having a reasonable deductible. Another is the overall cost of coverage. This may not be a separate component of a policy, but in the long run it is usually one of the most important details.


Just remember, the minimum amount of required coverage generally does not protect you completely. However, if you live in a no fault state, there are limits and restrictions on when, why, and how much you can be sued for by the other driver after an accident. If you do not live in a no fault state then typically the only limits are the ones the state law sets for all lawsuits.


Proof of Financial Responsibility


When you buy an auto policy, your insurance company will send you a proof-of-insurance card. You will have to show proof of insurance in the following situations:

  • When you are asked for it by a law enforcement officer
  • When you have an accident
  • When you register your car or renew its registration
  • When you obtain or renew your driver’s license
  • When you get your car inspected


There are severe legal penalties for violating your state’s financial responsibility laws. Subsequent convictions could result in fines of $175 to $1,000, suspension of your driver’s license, and impoundment of your automobile.


Choosing the right amount of car insurance coverage at times can be quite confusing. At McClain Insurance Agency Inc., we understand how collision, comprehensive, bodily injury and property damage coverage work. Let us help you find the plan that right for you. Please call us today at 386-441-1600 for a free quote personalized needs assessment.


Motorcycle Insurance


Whatever vehicle you drive, you must to have insurance to protect you from any unexpected expenses of accidents whether caused by you or another driver. Because motorcycle accidents can be very expensive, you’ll want to make sure that you are adequately covered for any accidents that occur when you are driving a motorcycle.


Did you know that motorcycle accidents are the most common of road accidents? Aside from accidental damage, you would also want to protect your motorcycle against theft. Motorcycles are much easier to steal than cars and larger vehicles. There are a number of insurance companies that provide motorcycle insurance coverage.


Just like your auto insurance coverage, your motorcycle insurance coverage gives you protection against damages to you and your motorcycle as well as to third parties damaged as a result of your negligence. This includes all vehicles that have open-air driver’s seating and a hand-grip device as a steering mechanism. Liability, medical, and uninsured motorist coverage are often included in most motorcycle insurance policies. Certain exclusions would apply depending on the concerned insurance company. Most motorcycle insurance coverages would exclude coverage for loss of use damages.


Boat Insurance


Cover your boat on the water and on the road with trusted boat insurance Florida provided by one of our many carriers from McClain Insurance Agency Inc.. We can cover 97 percent of all pleasure boats including bass boats, ski boats, performance boats and many more.


  • Coverage options include:
  • Physical damage
  • Personal valuables
  • On-water towing
  • Rental reimbursement
  • Roadside assistance
  • Fishing equipment


Liability boat insurance protects yourself, your family and others


Liability boat insurance can help pay legal and medical expenses if you’re at fault in an accident.

  • Bodily injury payments
  • Damaged property payments
  • Payment of the cost of defending claims against you